Sony DADC BioSciences is a leading OEM supplier of smart polymer-based consumables to the in-vitro diagnostics, life sciences and medical technology industries as well as selected segments of the electronic industry.

Over many years of research and development, we have developed a unique combination of skills including nano- and microstructuring, coating technologies, polymer sciences and automated assembly and have set them to work in our mass production facilities.

We add value to our customers’ business by leveraging our Sony DADC core strengths to deliver highest quality and outstanding service and will ensure commercial success by adhering to best business practices.

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Upcoming Events: 

  • APR
21-23'15:MEDTEC Europe
  • APR
22-24'15:MEDTEC Japan
  • MAY
13-15'15:BIOtech Japan
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Impressions of our Symposium in Saratoga, California

Following the very successful symposium at our Salzburg manufacturing site we took the big step to host our first symposium “Bringing Ideas to Market 2.0” in the US in January 28-29. In 1 ½ days in the south bay we welcomed over 90 customers together with our partners SCIENION and Invetech.

We were pleased to welcome a unique crowd of participants from start-up companies to industry leaders. Most of the attendees had a background in product development and innovation inspiring a very active discussion on trends and challenges in the commercialization of new diagnostics.

The application focus “Personalized Medicine” was introduced by our keynote speaker Michael Snyder from Stanford University and complemented by talks on companion diagnostics, single molecule detection, multiplexing and the impact of circulating tumor cells on cancer treatment.

The memorable location created a setting to facilitate an open discussion between the system engineers, consumable development and application owners.  

We very much look forward to welcome you all at our next symposium in conjunction with the Analytica 2016.


  • MEDTEC Europe 2015

    MEDTEC Europe 2015

    Please visit us at our booth # 5D62

    Stuttgart, Germany

    April 21st-22nd, 2015  10:00am-05:00pm
    April 23rd, 2015  10:00am-04:00pm
  • Sony DADC BioS & TSMC receive AACC Industry Division Award

    Sony DADC BioS & TSMC receive AACC Industry Division Award

    Chicago, IL, July 28th, 2014: The winning abstract, “Versatile Electrical Platform for Accelerated Development & Commercialization of In-Vitro Diagnostic Assays”, describes...

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  • MEDTEC Japan 2015

    MEDTEC Japan 2015

    Please visit us at our booth # 1109

    Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

    April 22nd-24th, 2015  10:00am-05:00pm
  • Sony DADC & Trinean

    Sony DADC & Trinean

    Salzburg, Austria/Gentbrugge, Belgium,
    April 01st, 2014
    : Sony DADC to supply microfluidic disposables for Trinean's high throughput DropSense96TM spectrometers and its XposeTM Touch&Go sample QC analyser.


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  • BIOtech Japan 2015

    BIOtech Japan 2015

    Please visit us at our booth # 4-53

    Tokyo Big Sight, Japan

    May 13th-14th, 2015  10:00am-06:00pm
    May 15th, 2015  10:00am-05:00pm

Our offer

  • Design for manufacturing
  • Up-scaling
  • Mass manufacturing
  • Global logistics
  • ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified plant
  • Development engineering services

Our values

  • Reliability
  • Quality
  • Safety of supply

Your benefit

Safety of supply – Some of Sony DADC’s partnerships date back to 1980. Deciding for us means future decades with a reliable partner.
Quality - Maximizing the number of satisfied consumers in a potentially highly regulated environment like medical diagnostics where quality makes a difference between life and death.
Logistics: Helping you to capitalize on new and innovative technologies and business models. Dependent on your wish we can be your single partner for development and mass-manufacturing of a shelf-ready product including shipping, invoicing and cash-collections at your customer.
One partner: Starting with your proof of concept we guide you from development to mass-production of a potentially fully certified IVD product.



  • Christoph Mauracher

    Christoph Mauracher

    Head of Business Unit

    Chris Mauracher holds a PhD in biochemistry from UBC in Canada and has held varying executive positions in the Diagnostics and Life Sciences industries. He joined Sony DADC in 2011 to lead the newly created BioSciences Business Unit.  

  • Georg Bauer

    Georg Bauer

    Head of Engineering

    Georg Bauer has a PhD in chemistry. As head of R&D he forces product-development from research to manufacturing serving medical and industrial markets. Georg leads a team of 43 engineers and steers over 30 projects/year.

  • Jochen Wimmer

    Jochen Wimmer

    Head of Operations

    Technical Engineer by training, Jochen Wimmer is working for more than 20 years in the area of Operations/Manufacturing/Supply chain in multiple industries and countries. 2009 he joined Sony DADC BioS building up and now managing operations.

  • Ali Tinazli

    Ali Tinazli

    Head of Business Development & Sales, Americas

    Ali Tinazli studied biochemistry in Germany and received his PhD in 2007. After joining Sony DADC in 2008 he initiated the US business development. Since 2012 he is heading our business in the Americas.

  • Iris Bergmair

    Iris Bergmair

    Head of Business Development & Sales Europe

    Iris Bergmair obtained her PhD degree from the University in Linz/Austria in technical physics on the topic of nanoimprint lithography. She joined Sony DADC in 2015 and is heading our business in Europe.

  • Tsukasa Murota

    Tsukasa Murota

    Head of Business Development APAC

    T. Murota studied Mechanical Engineering in Japan and played a leading part in the development and product engineering of optical discs at Sony DADC Japan. T. Murota brings to his role as BD more than 3 years of experience in the processes of our Sony DADC BioS BU.

  • Ricarda Pichler

    Ricarda Pichler

    Head of Marketing

    Ricarda Pichler holds a MA in Economics with a specialisation in Service & Sales Management from the local Salzburg University of Applied Science and joined Sony DADC BioSciences in 2011. She is responsible for our marketing activities, customer relations and promotion.

History of Sony DADC

1980Sony and Philips developed Compact Disc Digital Audio System
1982                Sony manufactured the world's first music CD in Shizuoka, Japan
1983 - 1992Establishment of Sony DADC US, Austria and Hongkong
1997      Sony started to manufacture DVD
1999      Establishment of DADC India
2000      Establishment of DigitalWorks at Sony DADC Austria
2001Establishment Sony DADC in China
2004Setup of global supply chain management infrastructure
2006Start of Blu-ray production
2009Foundation of Sony DADC BioSciences as a division

Establishment Sony DADC in Russia

2011               Sony DADC BioSciences becomes a business unit

History of Sony DADC BioSciences

  • 2009   Establishment of "BioSciences" division for polymer precision parts
    2009 ISO 13485 Certification
    2011BioSciences becomes an independent Business Unit of Sony DADC
    2011BioSciences starts mass production
    2012BioS opens offices in the US
    2013BioS opens offices in Japan

Sony DADC BioSciences maintains close working relationships with big established companies (usually under NDA) as well as start-up enterprises.

Numerous collaborations with universities and other research institutions are our investment in constant development of manufacturing know-how beyond the state-of-the-art.


For more information on job opportunities please visit Sony DADC's jobdatabase.

With a main focus on the markets Life Sciences and IVD the services range from design for manufacturing to prototyping, up-scaling and mass manufacturing including content filling, packaging and global logistics.

Manufacturing is centered in Salzburg, Austria at our ISO 13485, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 certified facility.